Saturday, February 9, 2008


Happy Weekend, Girls! I thought I'd drop in to say hello and to turn in my homework. :) Before I dish it out, please note that I'm labeling this post homework. Let's try to label all of our response posts this way in order to keep things more organized around here. I'm sure Becca will dig this...

1. My package has finally and officially arrived. I just plugged in my Scraps O Love CD, and so far the first 3 tracks are awesome!! Becca, I am so delighted that you included Yael Naim "New Soul." Hearing it makes me convinced that I need a new paper-thin Mac Book!

2. Library run accomplished! Here are a few of my picks, worth sharing:
Craftivity by Tsia Carson is a compilation of 40 random, clever D.I.Y. lifestyle projects
Dominitrix by Jennifer Stafford is a sassy, mod piece filled with tips and patterns to make knitting look totally hip and yes, I'll say it, downright bad-a**
Gift Maker Mag is filled with tons of cute papercraft ideas...everything from mini scrapbooks gift wrapping ideas. {It's from the same company that writes CardMaker magazine.}
3. Oh yes, me-oh-my, there are *so* many great bloggers out there that I dearly love and highly recommend! Please, please, pay these awesome, inspiring women a visit. I promise, checking out these sites are well worth your precious time! I'll even narrow it down to my current top 5.
These girls rock my world:
kwerner design blog: This girl's a pro, and she posts videos each Monday showing us how to make her lovely, lovely cards.
it's me, kp: Kelly is a Midwest girl with mad photography skills and fun posts that make you want to live a little...
m.writes: Marta's got a real gift for writing...and making darling mini journals...and has been super successful in starting a hopping little business from her very own craft table.
unruly things: Alyson is an a*mazing graphic designer/fashionista. Be sure to pay her a visit before your next shopping spree.
{frolic}: Not a week goes by without me paying Elsea Chelsea a visit. She's got adorable party ideas, and much, much more.
Tomorrow+Monday I'm hauling out the crafting supplies and holing up in my sunny scrapping space. Can't wait to share my projects!! XO Jess


Becca said...

I'm so glad you FINALLY got your package. I was ready to threaten the people at the post office. I am so clueless, so that Yael Naim song was on a commercial? Now I can finally show everyone the contents! said...

Yes! If you're curious, you can watch the Mac Book Air ad on YouTube: