Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sock monkey invasion

Hello, hello girlies! I'm excited to announce that a brand spanking new CJ Challenge kit is on its way to you...And this month we're making sock monkeys! I know our little craft club fell apart a bit this summer, but it seems like most of our lives are settling in again, and it's time to resurrect the fun!

These little monkey stuffies are so trendy right now. And if you don't fall head over heels in love with your first monkey (like I did with mine!), it'll make an awesome handmade Christmas gift! I definitely picked up some funky socks and some plain versions. I know I love the plain jane style, but I'm sure the funky patterns will turn out awesome also!

The project is super simple. Here's what you'll need to get started:

pair of socks + buttons are included

next round up your:
sewing machine
stuffing (sorry, you might have to run out and buy a bag if you don't have this already)
needle and thread

The complete instructions are enclosed with your little socks. But just in case, you can find the link here also. Don't be intimidated by the 18 pages! It's just very descriptive and has pictures for every single step. I promise--this project was easy and took just one afternoon's time. So have fun, and don't forget to post the results!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The art of a little elbow grease!

While visiting Becca and Sam up in MN it was inevitable that we would hit up some G-sales/Antique sales while we were together. Becca and I heard about this junk/antique/g-sale extravaganza that was going in around her parents town and we were out the door! I found this great kitchen table for only $12 (its really an old old folding wood card table) and two cute chairs at $3 a piece! I had told myself I didn't want to bring a lot with me out to C.O., but man there was no way I could pass up gems like these. The day I got home from my trip I began to rub a little elbow grease into the hodgepodge set and tada! here they are!

before and after...

Becca joined the million inch chain!

So Becca and I both pledged to cut our hair for Pantene ProV's Beautiful Lengths campaign. This program is a lot like Locks of Love but Pantene only requires 8 inches of hair rather then 10. Well lets just say I chickened out (for now) but Becca took the dive and looks fabulous! Way to go Bek! Hey girls sign up today!





Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've been scrapping up a storm

After I finished my June challenge I felt the creativity flowing through me and I couldn't stop so I thought I'd share a few pages that I recently completed. This one is kind of a bad pic but if you blow it up it'll probably be easier to see.
My Halloween page
This one I did a while ago but I wanted to share it anyways
This one took me a long time because I made all of the lettering by hand. The clear letters are shrinky dinks and the red letters are painted cardboard.

This is another one I did a while ago but still wanted to share
I just did this one and it went really fast. I had this circle paper for a long time but I was overwhelmed with what to do with the busy pattern and it was the perfect solution to pair it with another piece of paper and break it up.

June Challenge {Completed}

So I just finished my June challenge and I just had to post it right away because it's one of my new favorite pages. Here it is. . .

I used a hole punch to make these circles out of my piece of cork and I cut my white paper into a circle.

Ok sorry this next picture is sideways I'll rotate it later I just wanted a close up picture.

I added these brads as bullets for each sentence

I used the rest of my package on these letters and added a little rick rack behind them.

So there it is and I can finally say {for once} that I am all caught up on the challenges and it feels good.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

May Flowers Book Completed

I am thankful for this July catch up month. Well the truth is that I've had my May flowers book done for quite some time but I haven't posted them. Since we now have a new computer and uploading pictures now takes seconds instead of forever, it's no longer a huge task to post something on the blog. I have to do my June challenge (I know it's my own assignment and I haven't done it) so I'll post that when it's done. Also I've completed my sweater and I love the way it turned out so I'll have to post a pic of me wearing it, but it might be a couple days because I don't want a picture of my swollen face on the blog. I just got all four of my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and my cheeks are swollen and I'm in pain. So I'll attach these pictures and wrap this post up because I'm getting really dizzy from the vicadin I took. Miss you guys and I can't wait to see what new crafts you guys post.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Schools Out For the Summer!

Well, it's July-halfway through already. I think I'm officially saying it's summer break and catch up time. Sometimes we need breaks to get the creative juices flowing again. So soak up the sun, get outside, be refreshed and energized because the juices will be flowing again in August!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Assignment Complete!

Hey Ladies,
I had a wonderful lazy morning last week, my mom and I had a little garage sale so I had some time to sit around and get this done. I was really happy with our assignment b/c I have been wanting to start my coffee table book of "Amazing People I Know". So it is off to a simple start of
MY DAD: The hard working fix any thing guy!
I think I used all that you gave me Jenny...except there was a malfunction with the eyelets...I smashed em...oops its been a while.
MY MAMA: The crazy lady we all know and love. (I still have to journal this one)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Extension granted

Sorry ladies, I know that the packages did arrive a bit late. I know I shouldn't make an excuse but I wasn't able to get to the post office when it was open until my mom was done with school. And don't worry about the deadline, it was just a thought, the end of June is fine. I finished my flower book a while ago and I have to remember to post my pics of it. Well happy scrapping and sorry for the late package.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Bit of Handmade Homework

So here's a little assignment to tide you over until your packages arrive. Within the next week create a little something for someone far away. Make it personal to them, make something to do with a hobby of theirs or an interest. I, for example, made this little book for my bff Megan. It's a little notebook for her to write down the names of all of the books she reads. She's such a bookworm so I thought what a better gift than this. It didn't cost me anything, I had all of the supplies at home. It doesn't have to be anything big, you could even bake some cookies or something. I think it's always nice to get a little mailbox lovin' just for fun, no birthday or special occasion, just because. So within this next week make a little something for someone and snap a few pics before you send it off. Have fun. Below are a few more pictures of my little notebook for Megan. And I have to admit I did get this idea from Barnes and Noble but I thought I'd make my own version for free!

I used my library stamp and snagged a library check out card from my mom!

A handy little slot on the inside cover for her library card

A large section of the notebook for recording books she's read.

A section of the notebook for books she wants to read

The back cover

My newest project

I'm currently knitting this cute shrug in a coco brown color, it's my biggest knitting undertaking yet and I for sure couldn't do it without my mom's guiding hand although she hasn't had to help me as much as I thought she would have to, so far I'm done with the back piece and one sleeve so I have one sleeve to go and two front pieces which shouldn't take long and then I just have to put it all together. So much more fun than knitting a scarf. I'll share when I'm done, which hopefully won't be too much longer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a quick quote for your may books:

"In a way,
no one sees a flower really,
it is so small
we haven't time,
and to see
takes time."
{georgia o'keefe}

Free Rice

So I stumbled upon this website {www.freerice.com} in Elle magazine and I should have posted about it when it was Amy's month all about giving but I'm telling you guys about it now. When you go to this website it will give you a word with multiple choice answers to choose from as to what the definition of the word is. For every word that you answer with the correct definition freerice with donate 20 grains of rice to poverty countries to help solve world hunger. It's totally free and you can do as many words at a time as you want, if you get one wrong it doesn't matter just keep going. This is for real too it's not a fake thing, you can read about it on the website. Megan and I have been doing it lately and you guys should check it out. Just thought I'd let you know.